Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Inherent worth and dignity of every person-Reading 3

 by (Jt)

When all the Peoples on This Earth
Singing the Living Tradition 147
words: anonymous
music: Betty Jo Angebranndt 1931-

When all the peoples on this earth know deep inside their precious worth, 
When every single soul is free, 
We'll earn the name Humantity. 

The choice to be the best we can begins the day we say "I am"
The unity for which we sigh
will never come through hate or lie. The lights of Kwanzaa now proclaim that when we share out inner flame
And nurture root and branch with pride, 
We'll harvest peace both far and wide.

  • I think that to see the inherent worth and dignity in others I have to first believe that I have inherent worth. By saying "I am", I declare my value even when I am not perfect, which is often! Do you think that really believing in your own worth is the way to full humanity?
  • Kwanzaa also celebrates 7 principles and is a holiday of feasting and gifts for family and community. Kwanzaa principles include Unity, Self-determination, Collective work & responsibility, Cooperative economics, Purpose, Creativity and Faith. I wonder what gifts I can give this week to myself and others that would honor these traditions and my own? 

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