Sunday, November 21, 2010

Welcome - the idea of Chalica

Chalica began in 2005 as an unofficial holiday week for Unitarian Universalists to focus and celebrate our 7 principles. Chalica tradition calls for UU's to reflect on one principle a day and with its placement at the first week in December, provides Unitarian Universalists with a way to focus on our church in addition to holiday traditions already established. It is a way for UU's to claim a holiday unique to our church and beliefs.

For myself, one principle a day turned into a mad dash trying to read, contemplate and put a principle into action every 24 hours. 

This site is dedicated to the idea of expanding Chalica into a 7 week season within the Holiday Season of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years so that UU's have the opportunity to bring our unique religion into the existing traditions we love and share or to create brand new traditions for those who long to bring our religion into the season more fully. 

Feel free to explore along with me as we create Chalica - 7 Principles for 7 Weeks.

Freely in Faith, 

Michelle Moore 
First Unitarian, Oklahoma City, OK


  1. Thanks for putting this together! I like your idea of one a week. One of day was just too little time.

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