Sunday, November 21, 2010

Opening the Season - Words and Ideas

Rituals are a good way to begin a season. They mark a beginning - now we are entering a time to focus on what happens next. Accordingly, Chalica as a season should begin with a ritual. 

You might begin by designating a set time and place to hold a Chalica ceremony in your home every week. Lighting a chalice. You may use one chalice for all 7 weeks or a new chalice for each weeks principle. 

In the Arts tab are ideas for making your own chalice(s) and links for buying a home chalice. 

Also included are three songs dedicated to the Chalica season, perhaps one or all of them appeal to you or maybe your family would like to create their own song!

Each week click on 1 of the Principle Tabs. I will have included 5 reading selections from various sources, 2 Unitarian Universalists individuals who lived the principle and ideas for exploring how to incorporate each principle into day to day life. 

Please blog along with me and add your own ideas and rituals - we are creating our own tradition and how much fun to share what we are doing! 

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