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The Chalica Song

Original music and lyrics by Adam Sandler
New lyrics by Evan Austin
World Premiered on Sunday November 30, 2008 at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Ventura, California

Chords are A E D E
Call all your pal-icas, it's time for Chalica,
Deck the hall-ica, let's celebrate Chalica!

Each Chalica eve, a candle we light!
From the first Monday in December, we have seven principled nights! (sounds fun, huh?)

So when you feel like the only kid in town, with a chalice by your tree,
Here's a list of people who are Unitarian Universalists,
or Unitarians,
or Universalists,
or who have similar ideas, just like you and me!

Benjamin Franklin would light the first chalice,
Along with P.T. Barnum and poet Cary-comma-Alice,

Look who sits together for coffee and conversation:
Alexander Bell and the thirteenth President of our nation! (Millard Fillmore)

Tom Jefferson was UUish, and Paul Revere was too,
Roger Baldwin founded the A-C-L-U!

Sing "Over the River and Through the Woods" and "Jingle Bells" quick!
Universalists wrote 'em, and Unitarians wrote Peter Rabbit and Moby Dick!

Call all your pal-icas, it's time for Chalica,
Transylvania to So-Cal-ica, we celebrate Chalica!

Richard Cheney - NOT UU!
But guess who is: the guy who played Cool Hand Luke (Paul Newman)

We've got Charles Dickens, Susan B. Anthony, and Ray Bradbury,
Frankenstein was written by a Unitarian named Mary!

Some people think that the wizards at Hogwarts are,
Well they're not, but guess who is: the nurse who invented pie charts!

So many UUs are sometimes hard to rhyme!
Barack Obama's not one yet, but - give him time!

Tell your friend Big Al-ica, it's time to celebrate Chalica,
Don't go to the mall-ica, that has nothing to do with Chalica,

So give your mom a call-ica, this is the grand final-ica,
I think we really shall-ica have a happy happy happy happy Chalica!!!



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