Exploring the Principles - What you practice is your habit

Principle 1: Inherent worth & dignity of every person

1. Create a posterboard of quotes, drawings, photos with this weeks theme

2. Make a list of goverment programs (federal, city, state, NFP) who work to uphold this principle in your community. 

3. Join the CLF (church of the larger fellowship) prison pen pal program

4. Write letters to Pres. Obama and your Congressmen advocating for treatment of military prisoners in line with this principle.

5. Smile and say "hello" to someone you would normally not notice. This could be really acknowledging the custodian at your office, the sanitation worker who comes to your home weekly, the homeless person you walk by...

6. Help out with a soup kitchen for Thanksgiving

7. Knit/crochet blankets, hats for the elderly and deliver them to the retirement home

8. Volunteer time to Habitat for Humanity and help build a home